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How to upgrade to 3Dicom Pro

Whilst 3Dicom Lite, as the Free tier of the 3Dicom software, provides us with a large number of effective tools and features to visualise our medical scans in 3D and perform basic 2D measurements, upgrading to 3Dicom Pro provides access to a range of advanced tools for just USD$5 per month. Some of the additional features of 3Dicom Pro include;

  • Skin, muscle & bone presets
  • Colour presets with ability to create custom colour maps for different anatomy
  • Create 2D & 3D Annotations / Notes on the scans for better labelling and communication
  • 2D Drawing Tools
  • Advanced measurements
  • Ability to save and share DICOM files with all drawings, notes & measurements attached.

In this short tutorial, we go through the step-by-step process and show you how to upgrade to 3Dicom Pro in a matter of minutes.

How to Upgrade To 3Dicom Pro Using the Singular Launcher Directly

Step 1: Opening the Singular Launcher

To start, simply open the Singular Launcher from a desktop icon or by searching in your computer’s search bar. The launcher is used to provide access to the 3Dicom software. Whilst the Singular Launcher is open, so long as you are logged in, you will be presented with the initial home page pictured below. This will appear the same whether you are on MacOS or Windows.


Step 2: In-built Upgrade Form and Checkout

By simply clicking on the bottom left text that says Upgrade (as seen in the red box in the image above), an in-built Upgrade Form will appear which gives the option to upgrade from 3Dicom Lite to 3Dicom Pro or Surgical. The following screen/popup will appear:


3Dicom Pro and Surgical, as the premium tiers of 3Dicom software, operate on a monthly subscription basis which can be cancelled at any time. There is also an option to pay once per year and receive a ~30% discount.

At the top of the upgrade popup screen, you can select to Upgrade to either Pro or Surgical and whether you would like to billed monthly (USD$5 per month) or annually (USD$40 per annum). A free 30-day trial is offered to users who upgrade, with the first payment only being taken at the end of the 30-day trial if you don’t cancel.

Next, simply enter your personal information which includes your full name, company name (if applicable), email and credit card information. As you are already accessing the form from your existing 3DicomLite account, some of these details may already be filled in.

(All information provided is kept confidential. Credit card transactions are managed by Stripe and we will not disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent.)

Once our information has been entered, we can refer to the “Terms and Conditions” before clicking agree and submitting our information. After we have submitted our information and payment is completed, we have successfully upgraded our account from 3Dicom Lite to 3Dicom Pro.

Step 3: Check Email & Activate our Access Keys

After we have upgraded our viewer from “Lite” to “Pro”, we strongly recommend that you check your account email to review the details of your purchase. In conjunction with this, we have provided you with a number of login keys. To activate our access keys, we must click the ‘Settings’ logo in the Singular Launcher in the bottom left which will give us access to the screen below.

lite ro pro

Next, we must click ‘Subscription’ and then ‘Manage Licenses’ to update our License Keys. We must assign all of our access keys labelled ‘Pro’. These access keys labelled ‘Pro’ should match the same access keys that were sent to our Email address when dicom ‘Pro’ was purchased. If your ‘Pro’ access keys are not showing or not match the set sent to your Email on your receipt, please contact us.

Step 4: Restart Singular Launcher

To begin using 3Dicom “Pro”, we recommend that you restart your Singular Health launcher and 3Dicom viewer. We should now be presented with “Pro” instead of “Lite” shown in the bottom left corner.


Congratulations. You have now successfully upgraded your DICOM viewer from ‘Lite’ to ‘Pro’. You will now have access to a larger number of features and benefits that will enhance your analysis of scans. For information on any of our ‘Pro’ features, please check out our dicom Pro guides.

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