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3Dicom Pro – 2D Measurement Tools For CT/MRI Scans

Are you a patient who has recently had a Computed Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan? Are you a medical practitioner looking for a way to educate your patients about their internal anatomy? Chances are that if you’re using CT or MRI scans to capture images of internal anatomy, you want to be able to measure particular anatomy.

CT and MRI scans are typically taken as a series of images which are stored in a special medical format called DICOM, standing for Digital Imaging and COmmunication in Medicine, which contains a massive amount of metadata. Amongst this data is the Slice Thickness attribute which provides DICOM viewing software such as 3Dicom with the scale by which to convert the standard 512×512 pixel slices into millimeters (and other standard units of measurement) very accurately.

Additionally, the slice thickness attribute stored in the DICOM files provides the 3rd dimension required to convert the series of 2D slices into an accurate 3D rendered volumetric model. 3Dicom Lite, along with the premium tiers of Pro & Surgical, provide a 3D volume rendered model by default which uses these attributes along with numerous redundant methods to ensure that it is accurately rendered.

In 3Dicom Lite, the 2D measurement tools are available only when viewing the traditional 3 orthogonal planes, sagittal (side-to-side), coronal (front-to-back) and axial (top-to-bottom). As seen in the video below, once you’ve loaded a compatible scan, simply full-screen your preferred 2D view from the right hand side panel to enable the measurement tools in the left-hand panel in the ‘Measure’ tab.

Expanding upon these 2D measurements, 3Dicom Pro & Surgical are currently in the beta-testing phase of implementing 3D measurement tools, allowing for two points to be added at different areas in the 3D model, or on seperate 2D slices, and the total distance and angles measured.

At the time of writing, whilst these measurement tools have been strenuously tested by our internal quality assurance team, 3Dicom is not diagnostically approved and all measurements should be used as estimates and for visualisation and educational purposes only. We are currently in the process of applying for full FDA and TGA certification for the 3Dicom Viewer suite of products.

Please note that this blog is purely for educational and marketing purposes and doesn’t not purport to be medical advice. 3Dicom is currently registered as a TGA Class 1 Visualisation device and is not approved for diagnostic purposes.

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