Enhanced DICOM Visualization & Editing

Visualise, Annotate, Communicate

For just USD$5 per month, go beyond 3D visualization and unlock a suite of Pro features to annotate, measure, markup and easily communicate annotated patient-specific medical images with other practitioners and even with the patient.

Pro Licence Features

Priced at just USD$5 per month (monthly subscription), or USD$40 per year (annual subscription), our 3Dicom Pro viewer builds upon the foundations of the Lite dicom viewer with a large number of advanced features for engaged patients, private practitioners, allied health and surgeons.

Developed for both Windows and MacOSX, our affordable dicom image viewer provides all features cross-platform and offers multi-planar reconstructions and 3D volumetric rendering as standard inclusions. Upgrade to 3Dicom Pro Viewer to enhance your medical imaging workflows.

As a Software-as-a-Service, the medical image viewer has new features being released every two weeks and access to all 3Dicom Lite features.

Local DICOM File Directory With Native DICOM Loading

The development of this dicom image viewer involved a completely new approach to loading the DICOM format (.DCM) to enable native loading and reduce the need to convert dicom datasets into NiFTI file format in order to volume render. This ground-up approach has allowed for the incredibly efficient loading of slice-based radiology scans and for full cross-platform on Windows and MacOSX with loading of multi-planar reconstructions (MPR) and 3D visualization in just seconds on standard computing hardware.

As with our free dicom viewer, 3Dicom Lite, the Pro software also has a local DICOM directory allowing for the storage of up to 20 patient’s DICOM studies and image data loaded from local storage & removable media such as USB/Dicom CD. This locally stored database is securely stored on your device and enables almost instantaneous loading times whilst still preserving patient confidentiality. An upgrade to 3Dicom Surgical is required for full PACS server integration to turn your off-the-shelf Windows or MacOS laptop into a fully integrated dicom workstation.

Precise Hounsfield Thresholding & Presets

Additional to the automatic scaling and display of upper/lower HU thresholds in 3Dicom Lite, like many commercial dicom viewers, Pro enables users to enter specific upper/lower HU values in the input fields for precise windowing.

Anatomy-specific presets enable Pro & Surgical users to quickly expose areas of interest and even apply preset colour mapping to better distinguish between different anatomical structures in the medical images.

Create 2D Drawings and 2D/3D Annotations

The 3Dicom Pro software allows users to go beyond 3D visualization of radiology scans to interact and edit the 2D medical images with intuitive 2D drawing, measuring and the 2D/3D annotation tool.

Edit the source DICOM file with 2D line, circle and freeform drawing tools which can be captured in screenshots & video for presentations.

Label areas of interest with the 2D annotation tool which is also visualised in the 3D model as floating labels for easy recognition and review.

Advanced Session & Scan Save For Knowledge Transfer

Our Pro viewer provides users with extensive control over which settings, markups and even DICOM image data they would like to save to a new file. Additional to saving measurements and markups, saving a new dicom file in the program also gives the ability to save the exact position and density values of 3D model.

When loading this file in the software, users (including Lite Tier) see exactly the same view as when it was saved which enables better knowledge transfer as the recipient views the anatomy of interest and chosen annotations/measurements straight away. Perfect for patient education and quickly sharing notes on complex cases with colleagues.


Capture Markups With Screenshots & Video Recordings

Pro version media capturing (screenshots and videos) features inbuilt video recording functionality complete with the audio for reviewing cases. Unlike in the Lite version, screenshots and videos of the 2D slices in our paid dicom viewer displays the measurements, drawing and annotations.

Users can also record/capture the 3D model with 3D annotations, view thumbnails in the inbuilt media gallery and select the folder for saving.

Remote Collaboration Tools (Coming Soon)

Securely share and work on the same 3D volumetric model & 2D medical images at the same time from anywhere with an internet connection.

Share and explain results in real-time, consult directly with the surgeon, radiologist or other specialists on complex cases with inbuilt voice & chat functionality.


Full Dicom Viewer Feature Comparison

Easily adjust Hounsfield Units (Density) with the intuitive interface
Colour scans for presentations & patient education with colour mapping
Window level is automatically scaled based on total HU range
Apply HU Preset ranges to quickly expose particular anatomical structures
Easily segment and threshold scans with the HU pointer providing HU readouts on hover
Analyse soft-tissue and skeletal mass distributions with a Hounsfield Histogram
Enhance scans with full brightness, contrast and opacity settings
Label areas of interest with the 2D Annotation tool in all three axis
Highlight areas of interest in 2D with Circle, Line & Freeform Drawing tools
View 2D annotations in the 3D visualization with floating labels
Convert 2D drawings to 3D volumetric drawing in the volumetric model
Set an origin point and view cursors X,Y,Z co-ordinates for precise interactions

Make Point-to-Point Measurements on 2D images
Measure area & perimeter with closed polygon drawing on 2D slices
Measure area, diameter and perimeter with the 2D circle tool
Save 2D & 3D measurements & drawings to new DICOM file
Measure multiple angles in 2D slices
3D Point-to-Point Measurements (done in 2D planes & calculated/shown in 3D)
3D Angle Measurements
3D Volumetric Measurements (create volumes of interest & calculate volume)
‘Cut’ into the 3D volumetric model in the three axis to view anatomy
Immersively zoom into the patient-specific anatomy and rotate the model to view internal structures
3D to 2D transposition – mark an area of interest in the 3D view and it will appear in the relevant 2D slices
Advanced movement controls – set the sensitivity of panning, zooming and rotation for more control
Immersive Camera – move an internal camera as well as the model for a full 360* internal view
Hot key mapping for Surgical users provides full personalisation and faster workflows

Select destination folder for screenshots and video recordings.
Take screenshots of individual 2D slices using Quick camera icon. Output as PNG image file
Take screenshots of the 3D model using Quick Camera icon. Output as PNG
Screenshots include measurements/markup overlaid on raw DICOM data
Take video recording of 2D slices by holding down Quick Camera Icon and scrolling through the stack of medical images
Take video recording of the 3D model using Quick Camera Icon & then manipulating model
Image previews in the Media Tab with ability to quickly click to enlarge and view in app
Share RAW DICOM file via Email (requires acknowledgement of consent)
Save your 3Dicom session capturing exact model position, density values and all edits
Remote collaboration features for telehealth applications and multiple user viewing/control from within the program
PDF Report reading & creation
Ability to quickly share the image previews in the Media Tab via Email
Extract the most from DICOM files with the ability to view all DICOM header and meta-data
Anonymise DICOM files for sharing with patients and/or research purposes