Free DICOM Viewer for Windows & Mac

Advanced 3D DICOM Viewer For Patients & Practitioners

Whether you are a practitioner or a patient, you can now quickly and easily convert and view your 2D medical images in 3D.

Using our free Dicom Viewer you can rotate, zoom and interact with a patient-specific dicom image in 3D in addition to measurements and more.

3dicom lite windows

Visualise Patient Specific Anatomy In Fully Immersive 3D From Standard CT, MRI & PET Scans

Since their invention, radiology scans such as Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or Positron-Emitting Tomography (PET) have only really been viewed in a series of 2D medical images saved in the dicom format. However, using our proprietary software app, both practitioners and patients alike can benefit from visualising patient-specific anatomy with a fully-immersive volumetric model rendered on your own device.

Simply load in a DICOM file (.dcm) and our free dicom viewer will render it to 3D on your own Windows or Mac hardware in less than 2 minutes.

3Dicom Lite 3D Model & MPR

Multi-Planar Reconstruction & 3D Rendering As Standard

As the name implies, our 3D dicom image viewer places a large focus on the 3D visualization of slice-based radiology scans (CT, MRI & PET) which are stored in the Digital Imagery and COmmunication in Medicine (DICOM) file format.

3Dicom Lite includes 3D volumetric rendering of the dicom datasets in addition to multi-planar reconstruction as standard, all within an intuitive interface.

Rapid Loading Of DICOM & NII Files With Local File Storage

Medical images loaded in our dicom viewer are rendered locally, turning your hardware into a dicom workstation, and can actually be processed without an internet connection to maximise patient confidentiality and eliminate any disruption to workflows.

Our development team have worked extremely hard to enable the dicom image processing to work on off-the-shelf computer hardware such as standard laptops.

Even a NII or DICOM file containing of hundreds of images is accurately rendered and displayed in multi-planar reconstructions within 2 minutes with many scans taking only seconds to load, as seen in the video. In addition, the application enables users to store up to three (2) unique patients in the local DICOM directory for future review which securely caches multiple files in the dicom standard on user’s hardware enabling nearly instantaneous loading of medical images.

Rotate, Pan & Zoom To View Scans From Any Angle

Centering around the interactive zone which typically hosts the 3D volumetric render but also displays 2D slices in fullscreen, the software allows users to interact with the 2D & 3D views with the following controls:

  • Simply click and drag to rotate the 3D volumetric model
  • Use the Up + Down arrow keys to Zoom In and Out
  • Hold Shift + Arrow Keys to pan around the 2D & 3D views of the data

Standard 2D Orthagonal Planar Visualisation

For those more familiar with the standard three 2-dimensional radiology views; Axial (top-to-bottom), Sagittal (side-to-side) and Coronal (front-to-back), 3Dicom allows for fullscreen viewing of the 2D planes.

Always know which dicom image you are viewing with the slice counter in the right hand menu. Zoom, Pan, Flip & Rotate 2D views for the best visualization.

sagittal view 3dicom

Enhance Images With Brightness, Contrast & Opacity

Radiological images such as CT and MRI scans are typically taken in greyscale to enable easier distinguishing of important features and variances in density. By easily adjusting brightness and contrast settings via the sliders, users can really accentuate particular aspects of the dicom images and better visualise particular areas. Additionally, lowering the Opacity provides a ‘X-ray vision’ for a wireframe view of the human body.

3D Slicer Tool

Slice into the 3D volumetric model in the three orthagonal planes, exposing 3D structures such as the sinus structures of the viscero-cranium as viewed in the video.

This is effectively the same as the current process of scrolling through 2D images in the axial, coronal and sagittal places but with the added benefit of providing context of surrounding anatomy rather than each image on its own.

2D Measurement Tools

The Lite version of 3Dicom allows for basic access to common tools such as 2D point-to-point measurements and a trial of the more advanced 2D polygon tool which measures area and perimeter of regions of interest (ROIs).

Upgrading to Pro & Surgical tiers of our dicom viewer allows users to include their measurements & mark-ups in screenshots and video recordings and for advanced 3D measurement tools including volume calculations.

Quick Capture of DICOM Data

Share your advanced 3D volumetric model and multiplanar reconstructions with the ability to instantly capture screenshots of the 3D model and each plane with Quick Capture cameras.

Screenshots taken in 3Dicom Lite include the UI but do not include measurements, markups and drawings. Upgrade to 3Dicom Pro / Surgical to video record the UI and easily share videos/images in standard image formats.

Step-by-Step Tutorial For First Time DICOM Viewer Users

When first using our medical image viewer, users are greeted with an easy Step-by-Step Tutorial which helps explain the loading process, the location of specific tools and how to interact with the 3D render.

3Dicom Lite, our free dicom viewer, also has a shortened instruction panel and the ability to retake the tutorial at any point in time.